Nothing to Lose

You have heard of Moon River. You probably know Henry Mancini. But it is unlikely that you know who is Claudine Longet.

Not a big deal. Just another innocent-looking French girl—the mindless BB type. I spotted her in The Party (1968, vintage year), playing guitar and singing a beautiful Nothing to Lose, while Peter Sellers, dressed in a pink suit two sizes short, is looking desperately for a bathroom. Probably it was the French accent. Probably it was her eyes, which remind me of Irene Jacob.

Her voice is definitely easy listening. No technique whatsoever. I wonder why she was able to churn out seven albums. Probably because her first husband, Andy Williams.

That which grows out of love, will die in love.

When Williams dumped her in 1970, she managed to strike up with a Olympic skier named Spider Sabich. Finally, when Sabich wanted to dump her again, she shot him dead. She wasn’t convicted for the crime, though. But her career was ruined afterwards. More than that. She was practically banned from the music industry—her albums are never re-released and her songs are never included in any compilations of the sixties.

Never mind. This very song will last for the next century.

Nothing to lose

--Henry Mancini/Don Black

Nothing to lose
If we are wise
We're not expecting rainbow-colored skies
Not right away

Nothing to lose
It might be fun
No talk of spending lifetimes in the sun
Although we may

Both you and I have seen what time can do
We'll only hurt ourselves if we build dreams that don't come true

What can we lose
We know the score
Let's wait before we talk of evermore
One day we may

Nothing to lose
But much to gain if love decides to stay

Nothing to lose


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