Some interesting phrases I came across learning latin :

Propter mores humanos pacem veram non habebimus
It is human nature that deprives us of real peace.

Nil sub sole novum.
Nothing is new under the sun.

Popolus stultus viris indignis honores saepe dat.
Stupid people often give credit to unworthy kind.

Otium sine litteris mors est.
Leisure without literature is death.

Nihil sine magno labore vita nortalibus dat.
Nothing without great effort will give life to a mortal.

Numquam periculum sine perculo vincemus.
We never conquer danger without any loss.

Virtutem enim ulius viri amamus.
We love other’s virtue

Poena istius unius hunc morbum civitatis relevabit sed periculum semper remanebit.
Penalty will relieve the disease of state, but danger will always remain.


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